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Are you Interested in questions concerning laboratory animals and do you want to get acquainted with advice and policymaking? Then spend an internship with us!

The Netherlands National Committee for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (NCad) achieves visible improvements that are specifically related to the Replacement, Reduction and Refinement (3Rs) of animal procedures and the ethical review of laboratory animal use in scientific research and teaching. Also, the NCad has a role in initiating and recognizing opportunities to shift from animal research towards animal free methods. Given its expertise, the NCad is a key player in bringing parties together and sharing knowledge to advance the development of laboratory animal policy and the implementation of 3R policy and ethical review in national and international context. This is generally translated in (policy) advisory reports, which pave the way for a responsible animal procedure policy for all concerned in the Netherlands.

The Committee exists of seven members, and is supported by three senior advisors and a communication advisor.

Examples of projects you could work on with us:
– Creating an overview of animal models used in The Netherlands that cause severe discomfort and analyze what causes the severe discomfort and how this could be refined or replaced by other methods

– Creating an overview of the animal models that preferably would be stopped and what is needed to replace them by other models

– Investigate the opportunities for scientists in The Netherlands to work with human tissues, and for example create a tool for researchers to easily determine opportunities to work with human tissues within their research

If you want to know more about the NCad, look at our website:


For questions or expressing your interest in an internship, you can email us at: ncad@minezk.nl

We are looking forward hearing form you!