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Short description
People Empowerment Foundation (PEF) was founded in 2012 by a Dutch lady and is based and run by a local staff in Kampala, Uganda. PEF works together with local organizations to enable a better future for the disadvantaged people in Ugandan society. They offer projects in the fields of education, health, agriculture, social work, entrepreneurship and women empowerment within rural communities and place motivated people from different parts of the world in these projects.

Country: Uganda
Category: Agribusiness
Project duration: Ongoing
Minimum length of stay: 4 weeks, exceptions 2-3 weeks
Starting period:  Flexible
Number of students: 1-4
Project fields: Business, Agriculture, Biology, Management, Finance, Entrepreneurial, Marketing

Project description
PEF projects are focused on sharing knowledge as well as offering the means to increase selfsustainability. Prevention, self-sustainability and empowerment are key to our work. The foundation hears the stories of many unheard Ugandans in Kampala and asks people to listen to them. How they have to fight against the consequences of poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment and injustice. Stories to be heard and to replace by new stories.
Problem Statement:
According to the Central Intelligence Agency, 36 million people live in Uganda of which 25% live below the poverty line.
Goal: To improve the living standards of less fortunate people through agricultural and business training and provision of the means to change their own lives.

The internship
Role of the intern:
Interns will be working at a more career focused strategic level and developing local capacity to work effectively and with meaning, as well as gaining valuable hands-on, practical experience during their placement.

Agriculture work and research focus
– Urban farming methods
– Rural farming
– Garden preparation in line with climate change
– How can we best implement the coffee and farm plan?
– Organic vegetable growing
– Chicken feeds
Type of plants, animals and food on the farm and in communities where intern will be working:
Plants grown
– Hibiscus
– Vegetables
– Matooke/Bananas
– Pumpkins
– Coffee
– Maize
Animals reared on farm
– Chicken (Kuroiler chicken and layer)
Animals reared in communities
– Goats
– Pigs
– Cows
Business work and research focus
– How can we create a structure in which we can still monitor all previous groups?
– How can we involve previous groups more into the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) program?
– Which business options can we give people beside agriculture and how do we help them succeed?
– How can we improve our monitoring and evaluation strategies (to really see the result of our efforts)?
Specific and general activities:
– Set a tool that can be used by beneficiaries to control their businesses.
– Trainings in modern farming skills to the staff and the community
– Introduce new income generating activities that can also be taught to communities
– Improve our methods of creating less costing program activities. Can the community give back more?
– Improve reporting structure (electronic and physical folders)
– Improve our current income generating activities.
– Improve the teams presentation for the different target groups (using different methods and role-play).
– Improve on general knowledge of important themes such as health issues, how to go about abuse, what to do when people are showing difficult behaviour.
– Trainings on different skills to use in trainings and workshops
– Trainings in different skills for the staff
– Creation and strengthening of partnerships
– Advise on organisational work and introduction of new sub topics

The facilities
Supervision on appropriate project field: You will have a supervisor during the project.
Degree of supervisor: Bachelor/Master depending on field
Workspace for intern: PEF Office

Let’s Go Africa intern/volunteer packages include:

  • Suitable project with project description according to all criteria
  • Pre-departure introduction & safety meeting
  • Visa application (and extension) assistance + flight booking assistance
  • Accommodation (arrangements only)
  • Airport pick-up
  • In-country introduction regarding country, project and your role
  • Office to project transportation
  • Experienced and qualified supervisor and contact person constantly available
  • Interaction with local community and experiencing the local culture
  • Support and guidance from the moment of registration until return back home Country information brochure
  • Informal feedback session
  • Certificate (proof of participation)

Total package cost
€400 – €525 (depending on Volunteer work/Minor/Internship)

The costs:
The one time amount for Let’s Go Africa service packages are stated above. Please see accommodation price below for your duration of stay.

Included in the accommodation price for all projects:

  • Accommodation in a guesthouse
  • Daily lunch on the project by PEF
  • Cleaning of the guesthouse
  • Daily attendance of housemother and staff member for any assistance (option 1)

To find an overview of the costs, go to https://letsgoafrica.nl/business-and-agriculture-pef-uganda

Intern requirements
– Fully Self-funded, however we do encourage fundraising or crowdfunding
– Capable and passionate in their field
– Independent and dedicated individuals
– Able to work on their own and as a team