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Cosiness in prospect

Dear All,

The 103rd Board has found her way and runs at full speed. After almost two months of having been present daily on the UBV room, the UBV members are getting used to us. Lately there have been many successful activities, including the living room concerts where the audience rides from cozy room to cozy room to enjoy several musically performances.

The UBV room has been a busy location when it comes to activities, so the Creacie has been quite busy with different crafts afternoons, at which biologists could make Christmas lights and pixel art. The exam meal and Friday afternoon drinks took place in the most cozy room at the Uithof. In the future, we also have a lot of fun activities such as the “oliebollen” borrel, where you can talk about each other’s Christmas sweaters while enjoying hot drinks and donuts.

All this coziness gives us a lot of energy, we find that the interaction between the members and the board has a positive effect on student life of us all. The next two weeks the UBV also take a small vacation, so December 24 till January 8 we are closed. Monday, January 9, the doors will open for you and the coffee and tea will be ready!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


The 103rd Board

Jonno, Floor, Ida, Fleur and Sander

New year has started!

Dear all,

The new study year has begun again, and with an impressive number of 330 new members of the UBV it promises to be an amazing one!

The PUT almost collapsed with the amount of people present at the succesfull first year PUT. This makes the older members feel young again and lets them remember and regain their energy to make it through the first week of class.

Wednesday the 14th of Septembre the UBV-day will take place, where the first years will battle at Olympos to win that one delicous cake, or if they choose wrong the most disgusting one. After this the committe market will take place at the botanical gardens and following this a delicous bbq will be offered.

This week tempretures of above 30 degrees celcius are predicted, which gives us enough reason to keep hydrated and live at night to escape the burning sun. Good thing wednesday the 14th of september the UBV-party “Trick or Treat” will take place, which fits both these descriptions!


The 103rd kandidate board,
Jonno, Floor, Ida, Fleur, Sander en Willem